“Stun provided an exceptional service by telling the story of my business in way that I never could have achieved on my own”

Raymond Jocelyn
This Way Up Global Cargo Consulting

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“I think the speed of turn around, the consistency of theme matching our messaging, were the biggest hits for me. The feedback from staff was excellent, very much enjoying the soft family feel of the presentation”

Wayne Howett
Chief Executive, Ronald McDonald House

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“Stun gave our presentation a fresh new look with their creative design and storytelling ability plus they had great customer service, always responding in a professional and timely fashion to all our requests”

Vaughan Judkins
Global Marketing Manager, Zespri International

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“What we love about Stun is that the team quickly get the concept and get the story by asking the right questions. Then they bring it to life in record quick time! A perfect combo”

Kate Meldrum
GM Group Revenue, Brand & Customer Experience, THL

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“It has been such a pleasure working with Adam and the team, helping to bring wonderful content and identity to our business. The end product has been well received by our customers. The Stun team brought a lot of fun and enjoyment, which made things easier. They were able to turn what was initially a daunting task into a very enjoyable process”

Jeff Hart
Managing Director, Jackson Estate

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