How do you compare to your competitors?

Go ahead. Jot your answers down. I’ll wait.

Now – let me guess. You answered something along the lines of “We’re cheaper.” Or maybe “We do XYZ better than our main competitor.”

Well, the former answer just diminished the value of your brand.

And the latter answer just put your customers to sleep.

Where’s your differentiator?

Where’s your unique brand story?

I know. I know. It’s hard to be different.

From an early age, we’re taught that being too different – being weird – will alienate people. And the last thing you want to do is alienate paying customers!

So this will probably come as a surprise…


It pays to be different.

Really pays. As in real money.

That might require you to change. I know that’s scary. Doing things the way they’ve always been done is comfortable. Complacency is that cosy, warm blanket you don’t want to get out from under on a cold morning.

Creating a unique brand story that differentiates you from the competition is a double whammy. It requires you to change AND it requires you to be different.
Yet it’s critical to your success in today’s over-educated marketplace.

The Key to a Winning Sales Presentation Is Your Brand Story

What is the point of giving a sales presentation today?

I mean, really.

Anything your customers want to learn about your company, product or service can be found online.

The point of giving a sales presentation is to build a relationship with your customers.

That sales presentation is where you transform in your customer’s eyes from cold and aloof company to warm and friendly person.

And you don’t make that transformation or build that relationship by saying the same thing everyone else is saying. Or, heaven forbid, repeating the information that’s already on your website.

Creating a trustworthy, powerful and unique brand story will open you up to a whole new world of sales presentations. A world where sales conversations happen naturally. A world where you can adjust your message on the fly because your core brand is so solid yet flexible enough to connect with any audience.

Picture yourself in a conference room with slide decks that aren’t just blocks of text and lists of endless bullet-points. Picture yourself in that room with a deck of powerful brand visuals that trigger brand stories that you are so meaningful to you, you can tell them in your sleep.

That’s the power of a stand-out brand story – and that’s the key to a sales presentation that lands.

Stop Racing to the Bottom

This is such an important point, I had to dedicate an entire section of this blog to it.

Stop differentiating your brand based on price.

This makes you a commodity – not a valuable partner.

When you’re a commodity, your customers will buy based solely on price. The value of your product or service is all but lost. And your ability to increase your prices? Nonexistent.

As Seth Godin puts it, “You might make a few more bucks for now, but not for long and not with pride. Someone will always find a way to be cheaper or more brutal than you.”

Tell a brand story about the value you bring to the table – about innovation and generosity and pride – however, and you’ll not only have more power to charge higher prices, but you’ll have people flocking to you to see what all the buzz is about.

Army of people flocking HARD

Start With the Most Important People in the Room

So where do you start? Well, here’s where we start at Stun when we’re helping our clients create powerful brand stories…

We ask the people that matter most. We ask the customers.

To make an accurate and honest assessment of your brand as it is today, and to help you identify any gaps that you could fill to make your brand stand out, call your customers.

Call five of your own customers.

Then call five of your competitor’s customers.

Ask them how they view your brand.

I guarantee you the results will be eye-opening.

Need Help? Start Here

Creating powerful brand stories is what we do here at Stun Sells. We help you discover the gold nugget at the core of your brand, and then create a digital sales toolkit around your unique brand story.

We fundamentally change the way you represent yourself. And it all starts with that brand story.

A unique brand story is what turns dull product lectures into winning sales presentations – and conversations into sales. Brief us on your situation today and find out how we can help you craft a story that sells.