Why hiring a professional is so hard

  • November 3, 2016

The client walked into our office looking confident. Head held high, stack of creative briefs in hand.

“This is what I want our presentation to look like,” he told me and my team.

I took a deep breath. There was no use in getting upset. This happened all the time.

This smart gentleman had hired us to create a world-class digital sales toolkit for his company. He hired us because of our reputation for delivering high-impact sales assets that actually help companies make more sales.

But when it came down to it – he thought he knew best.

I get it. We all have personal investments in our businesses.

However, there comes a time to draw a line.

A line between doing everything yourself, and hiring trusted professionals to do certain things.

The surprising reason why hiring pros is so hard for many people is that they never draw that line.


You might not be ready to hire a professional

This might shock you coming from one of the professionals you might hire to help your company make more money, but…

You might not be ready to hire someone like me or my team.

You might need to bootstrap a little longer.

You might need to keep doing everything yourself, and not have a life for a while.

There’s no shame in that. Recognising this about yourself will save you and me a lot of time and frustration.

When you are ready to hire professionals, however, both you and your business will see immediate results. You will cease to be a jack-of-all-trades. Your business will gain the benefit of expertise you don’t have. And you just might learn a thing or two from the professionals you hire.

So how do you know if you’re ready or not?

Here are 5 ways to know you’re ready to hire a professional.

1. You’ve set aside budget to hire quality talent.
Hiring your cousin’s kid to do your web design is no longer an option. You know that using a guy you found on Fiverr to put your slides together won’t get you the results you need. It’s time to level up. It’s time to meet those big business goals you’ve set for yourself. It’s time to make strategic investments.

2. You have clear goals.
You know what you’re aiming for. “Growing the business” isn’t on your list anymore. Instead you’ve got specific goals like “make 10 sales each month in the third quarter,” and “grow revenue 30% by year-end.” When you have clear goals, you can create clear priorities for yourself and the professionals you hire.

3. You trust people to do their jobs.
You make strategic hiring decisions for roles and tasks that will generate money for your business – and you don’t micromanage. If you want to do something yourself, you do something yourself – you don’t waste your time or others’ by hiring them and then trying to do their job for them.

4. You are realistic about your zone of genius.
You know what you do really well – and you know where your skills and talents fall short of excellence. If an important task or activity requires a skill-set you don’t have (or your skill-set is mediocre), you hire a professional to complete it.

5. You’re ready to grow.
Believe it or not, some people think they’re ready to grow – but they’re really not. Real growth still scares them because it means having to rely on others. No business can grow without support – and you can’t get quality support without relying on people to do their jobs. Being ready to grow means you’re also ready to let go in many ways.

Are you ready to hire a professional?

If you can truthfully and enthusiastically say YES to all five of those items above, congratulations. You’re ready to hire a professional to help you grow your business.

If you’re not ready to hire a professional, however, then don’t. Save your money. Because if you try to hire a professional before you’re ready, and you micromanage the process, you won’t get the best results. You’ll waste your money. You’ll waste the professional’s time. You’ll both end up frustrated.

It’s scary to hand over the reins to someone else when it involves your business, your money or your job. I know, because I’ve hired professionals myself. When you choose the right professionals, however, that scary step can also be a very profitable one.